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Sermons For September Sermons For September

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Sermons For September

Posted on Sat, Sep 3, 2016

Sermons For September

“Good News for God’s People”

 We all need good news!  We hear more than enough bad news in the media day by day – terrorism, police shootings, child abuse, etc.  I’m running in to more and more people who are intentionally unplugging from news media because the news is so overwhelmingly

negative.  They think that maybe if they ignore the bad news that maybe it will go away.  Wishful thinking.  However, in this world saturated by bad news, the living and true God breaks through with His good news!  Aren’t you glad!

The Church of Jesus Christ is the good news place!  That’s why we encourage you to invite your unchurched friends and neighbors to come and hear some good news!  They need it.  We all do!  Let’s embrace the good news together.  Our good news sermons for September are the following:

Sunday, September 4th – Wes Holmes preaching on “Freedom from Guilt” Hebrews 9

Sunday, September 11th – “Keeping the Vision Alive!”
Jeremiah 29:11-13 with Celebration
of The Lord’s Supper

Sunday, September 18th – “Future Quake” Revelation 19 with Reception of New Members

Sunday, September 25th – “Legacy Living Legacy Giving” Genesis 12:1-2 and 2 Corinthians 8
with Celebration of Consecration Sunday

May a “Spirit of Invitation” pervade our Church of the Resurrection members and friends so that God’s hour for good news triumphs in these troubling times.


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