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Our New Sermon Series Our New Sermon Series

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Our New Sermon Series

Posted on Sun, Jan 1, 2017

“The Christ on the Mountain”

Our New Sermon Series

“The Christ on the Mountain”

Starting Sunday, January 8th Teaching on Jesus’

Sermon on the Mount

Invite Your Unchurched Friends and Neighbors

 The Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5-7 gives us the distilled essence of Jesus’ call to radical, world-changing discipleship.  Our hearts will be encouraged and challenged as we learn and live the Sermon on the Mount.  Mahatma Ghandi led India to independence from Britain in 1947.  He had been abused and persecuted by nominal Christians in South Africa who professed faith but lived racism and violence.  However, Ghandi was drawn to the Christ of the Sermon on the Mount and sought to live out the radical principles Jesus taught in these Scriptures.  Ghandi was not a perfect man.  Nor are we.  But the spiritual truths Jesus imparts to us are life transforming.  Let’s embrace their power as we live in humble obedience to “The Christ on the Mountain.”  Invite your friends to come and learn how to change the world.  We’ll begin like this:

Sunday, January 8th – “The Divine Conspiracy”  Matthew 5:1-12

Sunday, January 15th –  “The Influence of the Christian” Matthew 5:13-16

Sunday, January 22nd –  “The Rightness of a Kingdom Heart” Matthew 5:17-20

Sunday, January 29th – “Investing in the Heavens:A Christian’s Right Living”  Matthew 5:21-48


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