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Let’s Be Intentional Let’s Be Intentional

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Let’s Be Intentional

Posted on Wed, Nov 2, 2016

About Celebrating THE HOLIDAY SEASON

Let’s Be Intentional

About Celebrating THE HOLIDAY SEASON

 How will you celebrate Thanksgiving?  Our national holiday of Thanksgiving is rooted in the Christian faith.  Ancient Israel gathered for high holy days of giving thanks to God for His faithful provision for His people.  The early Church of Jesus Christ spoke often of abounding in thanksgiving.  The Pilgrims celebrated with the Native Americans their survival through hard times and their bounty shared.  George Washington started a national tradition with calling colonists to express their faith in thanksgiving to God.  Abraham Lincoln called us to honor and made Thanksgiving a perpetual national holiday.  Let your faith in Christ infuse your holiday with meaning.

Why not help with hosting the homeless (November 13-19) to accentuate how thankful you are for basic provisions which many people do not have.

How will you celebrate Advent?  Advent is the season of preparation for Christmas.  This year it starts on Sunday, November 27th, as we focus on the reality that Jesus is the reason for the season.  For too many Americans, Christmas has become a festival of consumption.  How sad.  Let’s be intentional about regular worship during Advent and setting aside more times of prayer so we are spending more time praying than we are shopping.


How will you celebrate Christmas?  Our women are gathering on Thursday, December 1st, to adorn the sanctuary for the celebration of a Christ-centered Christmas. You can also sing the joyous songs of Christmas at the Coconino County Jail on December 12th.  You can invite or bring your family, friends, and neighbors to our Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Services and our Christmas Day Worship Celebration.  Seek out people who may be alone at these times.  Give them the gift of your love and the joy of God’s people gathering to celebrate the Christ of Christmas.


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