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Church of the Resurrection Church of the Resurrection

Chuck Thomsen Chuck Thomsen


Chuck Thomsen
Title: Itinerant Missionary Deacon

Chuck was born and raised in the Bay Area of California.  In 1985 he started his second career working for Xerox.  In 1996 he married Kim.  In 2013 they moved to Flagstaff while Chuck was still working for Xerox and Kim retired from the Lake Elsinore School District.  Between them both they have 4 daughters and 7 grandchildren.  In 2017 they became members of the church.  In 2018 Chuck coordinated his first Financial Peace University Class with Kim's assistance.  Chuck was ordained as a Deacon in March of 2019 where he assists the Elders and helps being the caretaker of the Church.

Chuck and Kim are currently preparing for a full-time RV lifestyle, planning to spend fall seasons with us in Flagstaff. From here on forward, Chuck will be our "Itinerant Missionary Deacon".