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Mike Bradley Mike Bradley


Mike Bradley
Title: Ruling Elder
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Meet Ruling Elder Mike Bradley

Mike was born, raised and spent the first 43 years of his life in Oakland, CA.  He came to Flagstaff in 1995.  He is married to our Administrative Assistant Brigitte.  They are a blended family, and Mike has two grown sons. Before being ordained in the PCA, Mike spent 41 years as a firefighter/medic, fire officer and fire chief.  He was the Fire Chief in Hayward (CA), the City of Flagstaff and the Highlands Fire District.  He served concurrently as an officer in the US Coast Guard Reserve.  In addition to these duties, for 20 years he served as a National Incident Commander and was hired by the Federal government to command responses to wildland fires, floods, hurricanes and other natural and manmade disasters.

Mike has an Associate’s Degree in Fire Technology and a Bachelors and Master’s Degree from the University of San Francisco (yes, a Jesuit University!).  He also spent several years teaching at various colleges and universities part time.

Mike is involved in many ministries both at COR and outside of the Church.  He has played the bass with worship teams for over 40 years.  He is also an active member of the AZ Presbytery.

Mike enjoys weightlifting, mountain biking and hunting and fishing in his spare time.  He and Brigitte enjoy traveling and have a small apartment in Bad Wimpfen, Germany; Brigitte was born and raised there.

Mike says that his study, examinations, internship and ordination is one of the highlights of his life.  He has a heart for serving and has spent most of his life in service to the Nation, the community and the church.