A Special “Thank You!” to Janie Stanford

Posted on Fri, Jun 2, 2017:

Our New Hospitality Coordinator

A Special “Thank You!” to Janie Stanford

Our New Hospitality Coordinator

        Janie Stanford is our new Hospitality Coordinator helping our COR members and friends as they provide refreshments to facilitate our fellowship gathering     between and after Sunday morning worship services.  Janie is bringing some wonderfully creative ideas and her usual diligence and organizational skills.  Her predecessor, Elaine Sperl, did a great job for over a year and has handed on the ministry in fine shape.  Thank you, Elaine!  And thank you, Janie, for stepping up and volunteering in this crucial ministry.  Now, let’s all get behind Janie and help her thrive in this new endeavor.  Individuals, families, family clusters, and small groups in the church are needed to participate for the benefit   of all.


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