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  • What is Alpha?

    The Alpha course was developed in response to people who wanted to have the opportunity to investigate the claims of the Christian faith.

    Over ten weekly sessions, including a day or weekend away, guests hear the claims of the Christian faith. After the presentation, course attendees have a chance to question what they heard and discuss the validity of the claims.
    Today, Alpha is running in over 160 countries and more than 100 languages. Courses can also be found in many contexts including churches, homes, workplaces, military bases, colleges, schools, and prisons.

    There are many reasons why people enjoy attending the Alpha course. For some it’s the no pressure, non-judgmental atmosphere, others enjoy building relationships with new friends, while others appreciate the chance to discuss deep questions of life that they don’t otherwise get the chance to ask.  You may go to the Alpha website, but ask Pastor Bob or others about this meaningful and fun event.

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