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Church of the Resurrection Church of the Resurrection

Photo Gallery: Lift High the Cross! Photo Gallery: Lift High the Cross!

Lift High the Cross!
Heavy lifting
Viewed 707 times
Lifting the steeple upright
Viewed 720 times
Additional drilling
Viewed 767 times
tightening the bolts
Viewed 771 times
An inside peek
Viewed 767 times
Just one more inch to go!
Viewed 788 times
Attaching the cross
Viewed 810 times
Steeple is at last in place
Viewed 791 times
Steeple is edged into place
Viewed 803 times
Robin consults re: the cross
Viewed 760 times
Crane lowers steeple into place
Viewed 762 times
Steeple has lift off
Viewed 806 times
steeple is transported without incident
Viewed 759 times
Alan caulks the bottom
Viewed 816 times
Alan caulks side shingles
Viewed 750 times
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