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Church of the Resurrection Church of the Resurrection

Photo Gallery: Climb for Cancer 2014 Photo Gallery: Climb for Cancer 2014

Climb for Cancer 2014
Tina & Gretchen
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Cliff & Robin signing
Viewed 737 times
Marlee & Pastor Bob Survivors
Viewed 663 times
We made it!!
Viewed 684 times
Cheered at the top
Viewed 701 times
Trudging up the hill
Viewed 689 times
First water stop
Viewed 696 times
No Pets Allowed
Viewed 677 times
Down the straight away
Viewed 654 times
They're off
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Tom & Phil at start of climb
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Tom & Bev at start with g-kids
Viewed 593 times
Climbing together!
Climb for Cancer
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