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Church of the Resurrection Church of the Resurrection

Photo Gallery: Volunteering Photo Gallery Photo Gallery: Volunteering Photo Gallery

Volunteering Photo Gallery
Snow and cold won't stop us
Viewed 2025 times
Digging Out
Matt and Callum Long
Viewed 2112 times
Trailer Dug Out!
Getting it out, OK, back in...?!
Viewed 2311 times
Tight Fit
Great job, Norton-Long family!
Viewed 2210 times
Narrow Passage
A little more plowing to get the trailer to CCC!
Viewed 2125 times
Saturday with Donuts

Viewed 2269 times
Happy Birthday Linda!

Viewed 2217 times
Stuffing Newsletters
Thanks for helping!
Viewed 2263 times
Big Helper
Viewed 2138 times
Greeting at the door

Viewed 2180 times
The welcome table

Viewed 2149 times
Back that trailer in

Viewed 2144 times
Down the ramps

Viewed 1758 times